Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fall 2012

This fall is turning out to be rather busy for our little family.  Our little boy, only 3 years old, is going to an all day preschool for children with autism.  Between the bus ride and school he is gone for 8 hours.  He is progressing every day and is more exhausted than usual.  He is working so hard and Mommy and Daddy are so proud of him.

Debbie is trying to adjust to not having her little man around all the time.  Even though Taylor is gone, she is keeping really busy.  She basically gets attacked when Taylor gets home from school.  He is definitely a Mama's boy.

I am doing rather well in project management and I am currently taking PMP courses to prepare for the PMP exam.  I must say that I really have missed the learning environment that comes with taking courses at an university.  4 Saturdays, 8 hours per day, and then I will be able to sit for the 2-4 hour examination.  I really like the people I am taking the course with and the instructor has the philosophy of PTT...Pass The Test.

I have finished my initial writing of my third book called The Dark Tide.  I am working on editing right now and I am also working on re-edits for books 1 & 2.  In addition to that, I am working on the first of three novellas called Origins.  This is also related to my guardian chronicles story.  I am currently looking for an artist for my latest work.  I will be publishing the third book before the end of the year through CreateSpace, an Amazon company.

I am also working with my friend David Cothran who is building me a new author website.  We are looking to make the experience in coming to the website remember-able.  I am anxious to get The Dark Tide out and to be able to complete Origins before Christmas.  I am also looking to making t-shirts available on the website with sayings and images from the books.

Needless to say I believe in keeping busy.  The most important thing to me right now is my wife and my son. While I have not made the progress I had wanted on the books I feel that I am being blessed for keeping my priorities straight when I do get to write.  I hope some day to write a story for my son about the world as seen through the eyes of a child with autism.  It is hard to do right now when I am also writing about wars, so I might be able to get to that story in the new year.  I would love to have it written for his fourth birthday.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Life of Charles Curtis

Today on August 1st Grandpa Charlie passed away. He had a long life that was full of service and devotion to others. He was an inspiration to his family and those who were lucky enough to know him. My wife asked me what my favorite memory of him was and I instantly knew what it was. I will always remember going to Eastern Washington University football games for one season. I was able to go with Uncle Ted, grandpa's brother, grandpa, and my uncle Roger, grandpa's son. Grandpa was not really into football and would make some of the funniest comments as we watched the games. I will always cherish those times.

Growing up I learned a great deal from grandpa. I learned that there is always work to do. I learned how to work by simply watching his example. He was a great influence on my father which in turn taught me a great deal about how families need to work together. He was there for many tragic events relating to animals. Though I was young, I still remember the day that our dog lost its mind and killed its babies. Mom called grandpa to come over to the green house and take care of the poor pups. It should be noted that it was winter and that the ground was covered in snow. When grandpa arrived he systematically threw the pups into the snow bank and buried them. Needless to say, come spring we found skeletons.

I will always be thankful for the weeks they took me in their home while my parents worked on my room to make it more allergies friendly. I had to do chores, but I was able to watch the Star Wars movies as many times as I wanted.

I am also thankful for the time that I was his home teaching companion and for his devotion to the people he visited. Between my grandpa and my dad, I learned what it meant to be a good home teacher.

My most recent memories are of grandpa and Taylor. He loved our boy so much and just loved to watch him. He always wondered what Taylor is thinking. He was heartwarming to see the joy he took in just watching our special boy play. I think he may have a better idea of what Taylor is thinking and saying.

My life is so much better for being able to associate with him, to learn from him, and to be blessed to be related to him. It warms my heart to know that he is with his beloved May, my grandmother. I am certain, as all of the family is certain, that she has a to-do list for him to do now that he is on the other side. She knew that he was a man that needed to be active and doing. He started working at a young age and never stopped. Thank you grandpa for your example…you will be missed here on earth, but I know you are at peace. Love you!