Saturday, November 19, 2011

Going to India

For my work I will be traveling to India this December for two weeks. Thankfully it is the first part of the month. I have to say that the joy of traveling across the world was tempered slightly with the lovely immunization shots. 6 shots spread between both arms and now I actually have the flu. Still, I am very excited to be traveling to India. I am way excited to meet my team over there and to take in their culture.

It is sad to say that in 36 years I have not gone further east than Colorado. This will be quite an adventure and thankfully I get to go with one of my long time employees. It will be hard to be away from Debbie and Taylor that long, however, thanks to technology we will be able to keep in touch. I hope that Taylor does alright with his daddy being gone that long. He is making such great progress. He just had out his adenoids and had tubes put in his ears. I hope that he gets fewer ear infections now.

If anyone lives close by, stop by and visit Debbie and Taylor the first couple of weeks in December. Or, if you live out of traveling distance, give them a call or do a webcam.

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