Sunday, June 5, 2011

Taylor - Our Boy

Trying to bring our special boy into this world was a long, emotional journey. Little did we know that the years leading up to his birth were only the beginning of something great. He has been a wonderful blessing in our lives and can make you smile by just being himself. We know he is definitely our boy. He looks like me and has my wife's personality traits. It was a long time coming and we are so very happy to have him.
As you all get to know him you may notice that he is not quite the same as other children. Some of this is part of his personality and the rest of it is due to his condition. Though he has not been officially diagnosed, he is somewhere on the autism spectrum. He learns differently and is behind is some areas of development. Debbie and I are working with some great programs here in Utah and we are seeing good progress. It is good that his Mom was so attentive to notice the need to have him checked out so early.
We had not told everyone about this prior to now fearing the labeling that he would receive. Naturally we are apprehensive about what some people may say. He is advanced in other development areas, so we know that he is making progress. The folks we are working with here in Utah have been fantastic.
Right now support is what Debbie and I need. Interact with Taylor if you get the chance...he is a wonderful boy. We know that he is meant for us and that now was the time he was meant to come to us. We simply feel blessed to have Taylor...he is simply too fun at times.
One thing I can say about him is that he loves the outdoors. I think he will help me get a tan for the first time in years because we will be in the backyard every day. He loves going down on the slide in the play set we put up in the backyard. The funniest moment thus far was when he decided to go down face first...he had a red mark on his head from his hairline to his nose. Too funny.


Becky said...

I love your little boy. Caroline considers him a best friend. It is funny to see a 3 year old and a 2 year old hang out. Cute!!

Good job "coming out" with his issues, it makes the rest of us comfortable to share our kids' issues with the world...cuz we all have kids with issues. You are NOT alone.

You have mine and Ari's support, as I have felt your support in the time we have known you.

Love you guys.


Gary said...
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Gary said...

Well round 2 comment... messed up the first one.

The Payson Burke's enjoy Taylor! We had fun with him yesterday at the birthday party. We even got to play with some toys together.

We will support you guys any way we can. We know he is sent here with his great spirit to bless those around him.

I know he enjoyed our swings more than my kids have used it for lately. :)

Love from the Payson Burkes.