Monday, March 29, 2010

Vacation Pictures

Here is Taylor showing us his new favorite toy...the organ. He loves "playing" multiple times each day. He loves it when Grandma plays the organ with him. We even found a chair that would allow him to sit there and play without as much supervision.

He has many other toys that he is loving at Grandpa and Grandma Burke's house. He has further developed his love to standing and pulling himself up on his own. He has a knack for getting into things that he should not be.

Here is a great picture of the boy standing on his own...even though he is unaware that he is doing so. He stood about a minute without any assistance. This was one of the few moments today that it was not raining today. I had forgotten how much I love a good Washington rain storm. This is not the typical west coast Seattle rain...this is a good soaking we experience in the eastern part of the state during Spring and Fall.

He is one tall boy for his age...we hope, and by "we" I mean me, that he continues to grow tall.

Here is the "Taylor" tree planted by Grandpa Burke for Taylor's first visit. Taylor was a trooper going out in the cold and he did really well being outside. Hopefully we can get outside a great deal more back in Utah.

His new haircut makes him look so much older. Debbie fought the first full haircut for as long as she could manage. He looks so handsome and his sideway glance his gives you is so much more effective with his mature look.

He just loved the swing...what you do not see in the picture is Grandma Burke blowing bubbles. In this picture that is what he is actually smiling at. He quickly figured out how to keep the swing moving on his own. So, we all just watched him while he swang away.

We know that we are heavily biased, but he is just so adorable. It is hard to stay upset at this little man as he sets about the Grandparents place bent on finding every power cord imaginable.

This to me is the best part of vacation...spending time with the boy. As he is teething pretty bad at the moment, I would say this is the best of the best for moments. He plays hard and he sleeps just as hard. It was great to know that each day I woke up that I have been able to spend it with the boy instead of heading out to work.

Even though he wakes up around 5 am PST, he is just so much fun in the morning. He has learned to clap and has waved once or twice. He does the clapping only when his has an audience. He hams it up for us.

In all, it has been a great visit and we will be sad to go. Hopefully all of you are having a great week. Enjoy the easter holiday and remember the importance of this time of year.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Washington Visit

So, Taylor was such a big boy on his flight to Spokane on Friday. Even though the flight was delayed because the plane had to be de-iced, he was really good. He slept most of the flight and did a great job on the ride from Spokane to Colville, roughly 70 miles. Naturally we stopped at the Steer Inn which is our must hit place when we come to visit. Had the German good.

Taylor has started clapping and has been hamming it up for the grandparents. He is everywhere and has learned what it is like to hit a TV. He loved swinging on the deck and decided he did not like the slide at all. He is growing so big and strong. Debbie was introduced to the "main" attractions her in Colville...the Walmart and Big R. She can now say that she has lived a full life.

Promise to post some pictures of the trip as soon as we get back. It has been a real good visit thus far...been really nice to not be at work for twelve plus hours every weekday. I am looking forward to working on my first full edit from my editor. Should be a great deal of fun...seriously. Hopefully the little man continues to be a good boy.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Book Blog Created

I have created a blog that is solely for my book that is being published this summer. So, I will only write about family items on this blog while all book related topics will be on the new blog: So, if you would like to follow that blog, please visit it and follow it. I have started the story of how the world I created came into being. Part 1 post has been completed.

We are getting excited to visit Grandpa and Grandma Burke this coming Friday. Hopefully Taylor does better on this flight to Spokane. It will be fun to spend some time with the parents and for Taylor to get a chance to be spoiled some more. Apparently he is not nearly spoiled enough at home. I promise that we will have pictures posted before general conference weekend from our trip. Hope you are all well.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Life Update

It looks as though I have seriously neglected the here is a rough update. Taylor is all over the place now. One day he finally sits up by himself and then two days later he is crawling. Now is is trying to pull himself up all the time on the furniture so he can stand. He is getting really on the next blog...promise.

So, today my book is in conceptual editing. This part could take 2-3 months to complete. With work being exceptionally busy I have not had the time to work on book 2 at all, so I am hopeful that will change by April. I have gone back and read the first 12 1/2 chapters of book 2 and I still love it. I am really looking forward to working on it again.

We are looking forward to our trip at the end of the month to visit grandpa and grandma Burke. It will be fun for the little guy to travel again. He had a wonderful visit to grandpa and grandma Taylor's house over Thanksgiving...he loved flying. Hopefully we do not have to use any medicine this time.