Monday, November 30, 2009

First Thanksgiving

Taylor enjoyed the plethora of attention he received while in California for his first Thanksgiving. He enjoyed eating every chance he could get. The boy gained about 2 lbs in just a few days. Such a big boy. He is still a Mama's boy through and through, however, he does like spending time with Dad from time to time.

I did sign a book deal with Tate Publishing to get my fantasy book published. Production on the book begins this February with a publish date come mid-summer. So, in the meantime I am going to get cracking on book 2. I am 13 chapters into it and have 27 chapters to go. I really appreciate all who helped me throughout the process and who never stopped believing in me. I am just thrilled to achieve a lofty goal such as this...hopefully it takes off. If not, at least I am a published author now.

The next post I will try to have some more pictures of the boy. Taylor is looking forward to visiting Grandma and Grandpa Burke soon...hopefully we can make that work with both of our schedules. Thank you all for you continued support and love in all that we do.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Taylor's First Halloween

As you can tell, this blog has become entirely about the little man who runs the household. We could not be happier with the little boy. He certainly has a pair of lungs on him and he will not let you wonder if he is hungry or not. He is eating a great deal. As a matter of fact, he is eating right now. He is growing faster with every passing moment. At his last visit he was still in the 97th percentile for height, so Daddy has hope for sports yet.

The murder mystery from a week ago went really well at our house. I am pleased that everyone involved had a great time and fulfilled their acting roles really well. It was fun for me to watch how people interpreted my intent. There was a great deal of creativity that night for sure. Hopefully I will be able to do something like this again. While fun, I need to balance my time better. I was just called to be the Elders Quorum President...this is not a position that I aspire to, but will do my very best. I have always been a counselor in my presidency experience, so this is a new role in the Church for me. I know the Lord will bless me and Debbie in her calling as the 1st counselor in the Relief Society presidency.

Here are some pictures of the big boy: