Thursday, October 8, 2009

Number 1 Son

Words are not necessary...he is a healthy boy. I always tell him that he is my number 1 son...gets a laugh every time. He does not want for food, though sometimes he feels that we are not feeding him fast enough.

He is the most precious little boy...he is so excited to be eating rice in his big boy chair. I have to say that I have a bit of an issue with the feeding as it grosses me out. If it was another person's child I would likely chuck. He loves to get the food on his fingers or fist and then suck on that. Crazy.

Debbie is lucky because she gets to spend most of the day with the little guy. He definitely loves his mommy. I think that this picture makes him look like BYU's next offensive lineman. We can only hope. Who knows, he may end up on So You Think You Can Dance. We will be proud no matter what. I am just saying that football could provide retirement.
Here we are as a family...after all these years of waiting it still seems worth every difficult time. The years are not forgotten...we cherish that time. We look forward to this phase of life...though I must say that Debbie is much better suited for all that has to be done each day than me.
Again, we are thankful for every one's well wishes and support over the years. Hopefully this blog finds you all well and happy.