Wednesday, June 24, 2009

June Update

Our little man is getting bigger with each passing day. He is such a joy and really has helped me put into perspective what is important in life. More than anything it is fantastic to see how happy Debbie is as a mom. I want to thank our families for their love and support and also our friends for all that they have done. It is amazing how life changing events are trying and yet so rewarding at the same time.

I think Debbie had the best birthday with having Taylor in our lives and the fact she could hold him topped anything I could give her. More importantly, Taylor came into the world on his terms and a day of his choosing...sorry to disappoint those who wanted him to come on Debbie's birthday.

It seems as though we have started a new phase to life, however, we have been prepared for 8 years for this time. It is interesting how certain people around us have changed now that we have a child. We are happy for the new friends we are making and are thankful for the changes coming our way. I promise on the next blog to have more pictures.