Sunday, May 31, 2009

Taylor Robert Burke - May 29th, 2009

Debbie and I want to welcome Taylor into this wonderful world! He was born at 12:01 pm on Friday May 29th. He was 7 lbs 3 ounces and 19 1/2 inches long. He has a full head of hair with his Dad's hairline (sorry buddy).

The story of his entry into this world is a bit dramatic and with the possibility of young readers coming to my blog, I will edit out some of the detail. Thursday night after my Men's softball team won yet another dramatic game, I returned home to ice my knee that I had twisted in the last moments of the game. Around 9:45 pm Debbie thought that she had to urgently use the bathroom. It turned out she was gushing blood, so I drove us from Lehi to Alta View Hospital in Sandy in roughly 15 minutes.

After a few hours Debbie stopped bleeding, however, it was apparent that we were having Taylor the next day. Debbie slept maybe 30 minutes all night and I got about an hour or so. In the morning they "painfully" broke Debbie's water and tried to induce labor. She had been prepped well for anything on Friday with two IVs in her arms, however, no epidural yet. She was only dilated to a 1 when the water was broken.

After a couple of hours it became clear that the medicine used to induce the labor was causing Taylor stress and his heart rate dropped a little and did not vary at all...not a good sign. She had not dilated any more, so around 11 am the doctor said that with her bleeding, the low lying placenta, and the lack of progress made it clear that a c-section was the best route for Mommy and the baby.

The OR had the AC go out, so it was extremely warm in there which made everyone rather uncomfortable. As our doctor and the on-call doctor began the surgery, all seemed well. The nurses said that while the doctors chatted casually that meant all was well. Not 5 minutes in things got very serious. Apparently the blessed placenta was blocking everything, so they had to breach it. Needless to say I will never lay on the floor or lean against a wall in an OR ever.

After the breach, Taylor shot up and after two attempts they were able to successfully pull him out via a vacuum. He looked good at first, however, he did have 1 minute or more without circulation. Straight to the nursery and Debbie, not knowing the seriousness of the situation, asked me to go with him.

The nurse working on him shot into action. Apparently his blood pressure was low which meant he was low on fluids. They put an IV in his poor little head and pumped him full of saline. After acting she was able to get a hold of a pediatrician who said that she had done the right thing and to continue to work on him while he makes his way over
to the hospital. I must say that I consider myself a pretty strong individual, however, when I saw my boy struggling to live, I lost it. I think the nurses were taken by surprise to see a big guy like me crying uncontrollably. To make matters worse, I was extremely stressed and sleep deprived. So they sent me to my wife.
So, in the end he came out healthy and recovered surprisingly quick. Mom is still recovering from the c-section, however, she is happier than I have ever seen before. We are truly blessed and I am immensely grateful for the prayers offered in behalf of my little family. It has been an 8 year wait, but it has finally paid off. Thanks to Dr. Twede, his nurses, the entire hospital staff, and for those who have offered their congratulations.
We should be discharged Monday morning and I think we both look forward to getting him home and to adjusting to the new sleep schedule. At this point in life I would go without sleep for the rest of my life just to have this little man here with us on Earth. What a blessing he is!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Bed Rest

Well, Debbie is officially on bed rest for the home stretch. So, looks like my vast movie collection and plethora of books will pay off for the both of us. Debbie and Taylor are doing fine...this will be a bit of an adjustment for mommy as she is used to working and serving others all the time.

Debbie was able to make it out to one of my softball games so she could see how I am doing as coach. I did not get any corrective dialog post game, so I must be doing well. Last night our mens team took on an 0-4 team...we almost lost do to a huge mistake that cost us 6 runs. The ump and score keeper missed the third out and allowed at least 3 runs to score. Suffice it to say we had to get 4 outs in that inning and then pull ourselves out of the funk we went into. In our last at bat we scored 9 runs to take the lead. We were able to hold off the opponent to win 21-20. It was great to watch the team overcome adversity and triumph.

This really showed me that a very diverse group of people could bond together to overcome obstacles. Not only were there multiple departments represented, everyone had a different background and personality. It is a true testament to all that despite differences they easily and gladly work together. I hope that I see this trend in our community as well.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Week 35

So, we are in week 35 and our boy is pretty big...around 7 lbs. The doctor feels all is going well and when he will come will depend on the size. If he continues to grow at a pound a week, we may go early. The doctor also feels that natural birth would be best, however, a c-section will not be ruled out primarily because of the size factor. Debbie is doing well and is enjoying being pregnant.

The softball season continues and the teams I coach have been having a great deal of fun. It is good to get outside and utilize my vocal cords. On the occasion that I do get to play I take full advantage.

For those who have opted not to watch the new Star Trek reboot movie...what is the matter with you? It is fun for all...not just the trekkies. J.J. Abrams performs his magic on this franchise and gives birth to a new series that anyone can enjoy. If you want grade A entertainment, go see Star Trek!