Monday, November 24, 2008


Thanks to Matt for inviting me over to watch the BYU game. It was good to watch such a dismal game with friends...good way to still enjoy the Max Hall melt down. It was fun despite outcome.

I look forward to the turkey eating and sleeping this Thursday. It will be nice to enjoy some down time...I also look forward to Taylor tradition of going to a movie on the holiday. It will be great to see Transporter 3...action and no real plot...great entertainment. I hope that all of you enjoy the holiday and take time to express your appreciation for that which you are sincerely thankful for.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

BYU vs. Utah

Bring it on red! You ain't got nothing. I look forward to another great game where Utah leads the entire game and loses it by allowing BYU to perform another magic trick. Maybe this time it will be 4th and 35 to go on the their own 5 yard line. Who knows...only Utah can allow for such consistant comebacks.

It will be fun to say the least...once BYU pulls off another miracle I am honor bound to mock my Ute neighbor. I will restrain a bit as he has three girls which means he is completely outnumbered. Here is the prediction for the score:

BYU - 35
Utah - 31

Friday, November 14, 2008

BYU vs Air Force

So, it looks like BYU has a must win game on their hands tomorrow. If they want to make the win against the upcoming Utah game mean the most, they need to destroy Air Force. I am confident that we will win and that red needs to look out. We have witnessed Utah's weaknesses over the past two games...we will exploit them. Go BYU.

Our company had a 2 1/2 hour meeting scheduled today and you could tell most were worried that it may get boring. Well, we ended up watching the latest James Bond movie. It is amazing. The funny part is that the wife and I are seeing it tonight at 5:55 pm. However, the movie is so good that it can be seen twice in a day. The only recommendation I would make is to watch Casino Royale right before this movie. It will help you catch interesting pieces of information.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Changing Times

As another birthday has come and gone, I have been thinking about how society has turned focus to the individual and not on our neighbors. As people become entirely consumed about their lives and their own personal needs and wants, they forget others around them.

I have the feeling that people are pulling so within themselves or within their immediate families that the lessons from the Savior are being misconstrued or forgotten. We are not showing God our love for Him by serving ourselves or reserving all service just to our immediate families. We need to reach out to aware of their needs and wants. Times are difficult and it will get worse. The economy has a way to go before it bottoms out, so all of those preparations we had been warned about or instructed to make by the prophets are now almost too late if we have done nothing.

I am not saying I am perfect or that I am prepared. I am saying that when we start to lose focus on the little things, especially when it involves our fellow men, then we are on one of those wandering paths leading away from the rod of iron. In my life I have tried to think of others and serve others. I have had some extremely bad experiences from helping or serving others, so I have every right, according to society, to shun that responsibility. While I feel it is within the nature of women to be more caring, compassionate, of service, and loving to their neighbors I am concerned that society is getting to them as well. I am surprised at many woman I know that are contrary to their nature. It is a ominous sign to me that the devil is making serious headway.

We know that men, by their nature, are lazy and self centered. However, I have seen a trend that gives me some hope...more priesthood holders are taking their responsibilities very seriously. I have seen acts of service that have given me hope. I have a friend, Rich, who, on his birthday, fixed my roof. With my slight fear of heights, a curse on my family with working on roofs, and my bum shoulder, this individual felt is very important to take time out from his 3 jobs and on his birthday to help out a fellow in need. Never was their a truer saint or a worthy priesthood holder. I am fortunate to know many such examples and I am trying to emulate them.

As we are all busy it is insulting to use that as an excuse to not serve and show God our love to Him. I have read almost 80 books in two year...I have written a book and another 82 pages in the second book in that series. My wife and I have been trying for children for 8 years. I have finished college while working full time and have had very busy callings. I have plenty of time to spend with the wife, to read books, to write, to play games, to have book club meetings, watch BYU football, watch a myriad of sports, and still have time to serve others. We all need to man up and recognize that as times get worse that we will need to be ready and able to help our neighbors. Are we not all striving for the very best in life? Are we not striving to return to God and to be with that family we have or will have? You will not get there by serving yourself or just your family. Let's all work on not being selfish and be willing to go out of our comfort zones.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

November Update

Well, we had an 8 week ultrasound and we for sure have a very healthy baby and the other looks like it will not grow anymore. We are fine with that and are excited for the growth we are seeing. We appreciate everyone's prayers and support throughout this process. We are just thankful for the blessings that the Lord is showering us with.

This month I am going to try my best to work on my book. Work has many exciting things going on and is not nearly as stressful, so I should be able to adjust my focus finally. Of course, the wife comes first so we will have to see how things develop. I hope all of you are well and that you are prepared for some significant changes this next year as our country heads in a different direction. I hope that the election of an ideal turns into a positive, however, I do not hold out much hope since he will only have four years to make changes. While I am not a fan of our new president elect, I hope the country can pull itself out of its funk. We, as Americans, should not rely on the government to better our lives...we should do it ourselves. Just like God wants to bless us, we still need to work for those blessings.

Anyway, enjoy the Utah vs. TCU game tonight...this is the only time I will cheer on Utah so I hope they do the Mountain West Conference proud by trouncing the Horn Frogs.