Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Update

I hope that all of you have a great Halloween and get lots of candy to the feed the dental machine. I think next year that I will need to make enhancements to the costume. There were many cool costumes here at work today. It was amazing to see the amount of work and creativity that went into the finished products. It will be nice to be at someone's house tomorrow night so we do not have to be the ones in charge of candy distribution. It will be fun though to see all the little children in their costumes.

As a baby update, we have two heartbeats now. One is 140 and the other one is 97. It is likely the second one or weaker one will not make it, however, we are fine with knowing that whether in this life or the next there will be twins. This is a great blessing from the Lord and we will certainly be praying for both babies. If you are so inclined, please pray for both as well. We love you all and hope again that you have a Happy Halloween.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Burke Baby Update

We are pregnant with one baby for sure. We saw the baby and heard its heartbeat. There is another possible baby, but we will not know for sure until next week. It is smaller than the strong one. We are absolutely elated for this blessing and appreciate those who have supported us.

This has been a testimony building experience because I have been wondering about the direction many areas of my life have been taking especially at work. It is a relief to have the most important part of life to have a positive outcome. Thank you all again...continue to keep us in your prayers.

Friday, October 17, 2008

BYU Football Lows

I cannot believe that BYU played so poorly. It was as though they had not prepared at all for TCU. It had to be the most painful experience for me. Watching that game made my head hurt. I had to stop watching before I lost it completely. It is sure that we will not be highly ranked anymore...I predict that we will end up at 23. The only thing left to do is to root for TCU to beat Utah. As much as I want the Mountain West to be respected I want Utah to go down. Hopefully many other highly ranked teams go down this weekend.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Good News At Last

I must say that this summer has been terrible to say the least...personally I was near my wit's end. You could say that I needed good news or I would have to take time off from work just to get my sanity back. So, when we got the call on Saturday about the blood test that would tell us whether or not we were pregnant, I assumed the worse. However, within seconds the wife was screaming and arguing with the poor nurse. Debbie did not seem to think the nurse was telling her the truth when she said we were pregnant.

So, there you have it...pregnant on our first try doing In Vitro. We are excited to say the least. We do our first ultrasound in 2 weeks...I will do my best to keep you all posted. Continue to keep us in your prayers...those of you who do not regularly pray and have been in our behalf, thank you. Every prayer is heard and we certainly appreciate all those who have taken the time.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Marriage & Family

It seems to me that this world is progressing in a way predicted by the prophets and is becoming more and more precarious. It is amazing to the subtle ways that Satan influences us all to do things that are contrary to the Lord's Plan of Happiness. I think that the message that stuck out to me this past conference was that selfishness is the preferred tool in these latter days. In the priesthood session it really became clear that we need to focus more on what we are doing and thinking. When we are in the company of the opposite sex we need to conduct ourselves as though our spouse is right there beside us.

The same thing goes for our thoughts...I am one who is cursed with a mind that races 24/7. I have to work very hard to focus on one train of thought...conversations can be difficult because my mind wants to race ahead or go elsewhere. I liked how in the priesthood session they talked about keeping our thoughts clean and not cheating mentally on our spouses. I think that in this day and age that this behaviour is acceptible or considered healthy. For me this is an indication that people are not happy with what they have. Be happy now with what you have or find ways to make yourself and your family happy with the circumstances that have come your way. We cannot choose our trials and we need to be able to find happiness in our trials.

I am one who gets bored with the stories about the pioneers...just like many of the bible stories because they are not directly relevant to today's situations. However, I came to understand during this last conference that the pioneers had trials and were happy. It has come across rather cheesy to me in the past, but it struck a cord with me this time around. While the pioneer stories will likely always bore me, however, I will at least be able to relearn the lesson of being happy with what you have and accepting the trials that come our way.

If we waste our time in the pursuit of happiness, we will end up alone in the end. In the process we will be miserable and blame others for our choices. This is Satan's plan and I am sad for those trapped in the vicious cycle. I certainly understand better than most realize the hardships that life can bring. There has been happiness in those trials and I learned how to love myself, my wife, and my family and friends. I owe this most crucial learned lesson to my beautiful wife. She is such a wonderful example of gospel living and accepting others for who they are and not who we would like them to be. We all have faults...we all have responsibilities and we all have to work at everything in life. If you do not want to work at all the little and big things in life, then you made a bad choice in choosing to take on mortal flesh.

To all my family out there, we love you and appreciate all of you. We thank you for your prayers in our behalf. We pray for all of you more frequently than you probably realize. Be strong and remember to work for those things that are more precious and dear to you.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Go Mountain West!

I was caught between two different emotions last desire to watch Utah get crushed by Oregon State and my desire to improve the Mountain West Division's standing in the BCS. So, I went back and forth just like the score last night. It had the secretly desired outcome for me, but I was sad at the same time that Oregon State did not stick it to the Utes. So, it is looking like either BYU or Utah will be a BCS buster. Of course, that will not be decided until the BYU vs. Utah game in November. Until then we will have to enjoy the brilliance that is BYU football. Go cougs!!!