Sunday, July 27, 2008

My Wife, A True Saint

Well, my poor wife had the unfortunate experience of dealing with a true asthma attack brought on by allergies. While singing in church today my throat suddenly started to swell shut. A life time of mind over matter philosophy got me through the remainder of sacrament meeting. Poor Debbie had to listen to me gasp for air for 25 minutes...she got me home and after using the inhaler and taking Benadryl I was out like a baby. After recovering I was left with no energy...I am just super grateful for a wife who patiently and tenderly attended to me.

So, the moral of the story is to not be stubborn...after all, stubborness is akin to stupidity. So, if any of you are unfortunate enough to have the cursed combo of allergies and asthma...don't mess around when you are having problems. Life is a blessing that we get only one shot at.

Thinking back on what could have caused the event, I surmised that the family behind us had animals. I am almost 100% certain that I had simply swallowed a cat hair...I know some will roll their eyes about this, but it almost cost me dearly...nothing to laugh about. It is times like this that reminds me that we all have different struggles and trials in life. It is how we overcome these difficulties that defines us. Another way we show our true colors is how we react to other's trials that we may not understand.

I have found in my life significant intolerance towards people like myself who have allergies. Those who do not comprehend how allergies affect the body are typically offended by those who are allergic to their pet (whom they usually feel is part of the family). It is this kind of thinking that saddens me the most. Anyway, when I have days like I did today I am reminded of people's ignorance and how they react to something they clearly do not understand.

The long and the short of it is that Debbie is truly a saint. She puts up with so much from me on a daily basis...I truly do not know what I would do without her.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Dark Knight

I must say that my expectations were very high going into this movie. I will say that the Joker stole the spot light. Heath Ledger did an amazing job in this role. You never knew what the Joker would do next and his scenes were always suspenseful. It will be hard for anyone to fill that role, but it will have to be done. I would recommend this to anyone who saw Batman Begins and loved it. This movie is definitely darker and is longer than its predecessor. Best movie of the year for me.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Stake Youth Conference

This last week our stake had their youth conference. Debbie and I were able to go to the get-a-way survival camp. It was fun to just be an advisor and not have the responsibility that my friend Adam had as the Stake YM President or my cousin Diane had as the Stake YW President. When I got there I was asked to fill a starting. I dubbed myself the fire starter, but as Diane pointed out to me, I am not the expert Burke boy who had a plethora of experience in starting fires. That honor would go to Gary and Doug.

It was a challenge to quickly think up spiritual relationships with fire. It was an experience that really helped me feel much more prepared than I thought I was. Sometimes I worry that with my brain that information that I have up there gets corrupted or lost with my constant need I have to feed the brain. Just goes to show that the spirit can do amazing things.

We currently have my Mom staying with us and it is has been fun having her at the house. Hopefully she will be able to rest up as we do not have children quite yet, so it is relatively quiet at our place.

On a sad note...the tree on the side of our house had to be chopped down yesterday. Some mites were eating the poor thing alive. I am sad because we no longer have that shade on that side of the house. I really appreciate Rich, Jeff, and Jaden for helping with the project. I can always count on the Young Men and their leaders to help out. I must say that I am tired though of being a wimp physically. I wish I was back to full strength...I do not like being reminded that I am unable to do a great deal.

I have been working out 2 weeks now at a gym that my company pays for most of the membership. Honestly, when I first walked into the gym, I thought I was entering Globo Gym from the movie Dodge Ball. It is huge, but is has everything I need. Anyway, enough rambling for now.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Newest PA Burke

Here is the picture of the latest addition to the Burke clan of Pennsylvania. We welcome Nicholas Scott Burke to the group.

We are extremely excited for Scott and April. Hopefully they will be able to enjoy the little one without the extreme heat that is hitting all of us.

It is amazing to see how much Gabby, Luke, and Molly have grown. My biggest wonder is whether or not April can make the noise a duck makes. Congratulations to Scott and April. We love you guys!