Saturday, January 26, 2008

Moment of Brilliance

As some of you know, I had a rather brilliant moment Thursday evening. Thanks to our diligent snow plowers our cars were unable to safely breach the barrier created by them. R.C. Willey was bring a replacement to our couch that had a dent, so I felt I needed to clear the way. Overestimating my strength, I brought on what I am going to refer to as a hernia moment. Needless to say, I stood in the driveway in blinding pain for 15 minutes unable to move. I eventually made it into the house and had the R.C. Willey guys come and go. Doug graciously came over to help in whatever way he could. I made the mistake of sitting because it was the only way to not have blinding pain. Debbie and Doug tried to help me up to go the InstaCare and I thought I was going to die.

Debbie called my friend Rich to come over and help Doug give me a blessing...I should note at this point that I have had a rather nasty cold all week which had reached the point of severe bronchial coughing. Thanks to two ready priesthood holders I was able to get up under my own power without severe pain. I did not have any cold symptoms until the next day. I was able to go to the InstaCare to get pain medicine which allowed my body to begin the healing process. Thankfully I did not have a hernia...I probably a something peak through and it thankfully went back to where it belonged. This experience has strengthened my testimony of the priesthood power. I have always had great faith in the priesthood and I am grateful to my brother and my friend for being worthy when it counted.

I think the moral of the story is that people who work desk jobs should not try feats of super human strength. I'm a writer...not a snow plow.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

January Update

After my Christmas experience with a bogus book agent, I found a website that reports what agents are real and get their authors signed. They give you full access to the agencies so you can easily find out for yourselves what agencies to approach. The site I want to was:

After going there, I submitted my query letter, a new and improved letter, to several agencies. I heard back from one earlier this week asking for the first 30 pages of my manuscript. It is an agency out of Denver and they have many reputable authors they represent. So, this is the first true positive review from a book agent yet. Nothing may come of it, but at least my query letter is improving.

Work on book 2 has been slow due to some changes at my work. Our company has been owned for the past 5 years by three different venture capitalist groups...they were bought out by a massive IT Investment Firm called Francisco Partners. They are a 5 billion dollar firm that solely owns AdvancedMD and plans to build our company into a significant player in the medical software industry. We are about 10 times smaller in size than what they typically purchase, so our business model really spoke to them and they love they way we manage our company. What does all of this mean, simply that we will continue to grow and as a manager I will be able to acquire more resources to build my teams how I see fit. Liberating.

I am making progress with book 2, even if it is at a snails pace. I have two brothers in my ward who are reading book 1 and are loving it. Their only issue is that they will finish book 1 and book 2 will not be completed yet. Nothing like positive motivation from eager youth. My personal goal, a very ambishious one at that, is to finish book 2 and book 3 this year. My ultimate goal for me is to also get signed with either an agent or publisher this year. I will not be satisfied if I merely get signed with an agent...I want to get my booked published this year.

Debbie is doing really well so far this month. She has set goals to read 1 or 2 books a month outside the scriptures. I believe she just finished Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I think she is going to read all of the books in that series...that means that she might be able to beat me or at least keep up with me when we play Harry Potter Scene It Edition 2.

We hope you are all well and that life so far this year has been good to you. Please feel free to make comments or ask me questions via this blog anytime.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

The new year is upon us once more...we hope that you are all well and prepared for the blessings of 2008. We are optimistic about the year ahead of us. Hopefully all of our visions of hope will come to fruitition this year.

We welcome updates from family members and friends alike. We wish you all the very best in 2008.